Good Morning, Edinburgh!

A Story Adrift



Everyone told me I had to check it out, so here I am in beautiful Edinburgh.  Look how totally medieval this place is!  It’s so cool!

On the bus here from Skye, I met a fellow dreamer and doer named Jordan.  He’s from Australia and is travelling with a one-way mindset as well.  We got into some DEEP philosophical and inspirational conversation all the way here and for a couple days after.  He’s a really cool dude.


When we got there, Jordan and I split ways for the afternoon and met up at a pub later that night.  I waned to get some exploring in first.


I saw a familiar quote on a pub wall that has never quite resonated as hard as it does now.


We were lucky enough to get in town on a holiday weekend as well as the night before a big marathon, so literally every…

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Taking Some Time Off

A Story Adrift

After camping on the top of a seaside cliff, I woke up to some stressful winds and pouring rain. The conditions made me dread getting out of my bending tent and packing up. But just like back home, my need to urinate motivated me to get out of bed. It was time to trek back to Portree.


That night was the start of the 10th Annual Isle of Skye Accordion and Fiddle Festival, and since I recently sold my accordion for my trip, I just had to check it out. So I got a bed at the Portree Independent Hostel and and walked to the bar where the Festival was happening. I got to try several locally brewed beers and listen to local bands play traditional Scottish music. I couldn’t think of a better way to experience Scotland.


After staying out late and partying with the older crowd, I was…

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On My Own

A Story Adrift


After Charles left, I wandered the streets of Portree taking it all in, writing in my journal while looking over the harbor.


I then spent the majority of the afternoon in the library making my last post.  But after that, it was time to move on.  I decided to seek out someone I met online a while back.

Two years ago, when I first thought of this crazy idea, I was researching Skye and stumbled upon a blog run by a man and a woman called Skye Calling.  There’s the link to it right there.  They post about what it’s like living on this paradise.  Richard and Sue Dorrell rent out cottages for people on holiday and I was able to get in contact with them.  Richard responded the very next day and was very helpful in providing the information I needed.  We emailed each other off and on…

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